High-Protein Diet: 4 Protein-Rich Breads You Can Add To Your Diet

Breads are a controversial food for a number of reasons, one of which is that most commercially-available breads are rich in processed grains. Breads made from processed grains add unnecessary calories to your diet, without lending any benefits and they may even lead to weight loss and other health issues. Breads have been demonised, all thanks to countless research studies that have blamed this common food for raised blood sugar levels, obesity and other ailments. However, all breads are not alike. Breads made from whole grains may actually be beneficial for your health as whole grains come with a whole lot of nutrition, including essential micro- and macro-nutrients.

Unless you're on a low-carb diet, you may include whole grain breads in your diet, given that you eat them with high-fibre vegetables and good quality protein for a more holistic meal. There are certain whole grain and nut bread options that are healthier than brown bread and refined flour white breads. These breads are high in their fibre and proteincontent and are especially good for those who need to load up on high amounts of protein on a daily basis