Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Kids

“That’s too much chocolate,” said no child ever. So much so that eating too much chocolate is a bone of contention between parents and children that often causes meltdowns at home. Chocolate has been made a villain in the battle against the bulge for a very long time now. I am no dietitian, but I do know that if this was the case, the Mayans and the Aztecs would have been really obese.

As a patisserie chef, my experience tells me it is not chocolate or cocoa that is fattening, but how it is prepared and more importantly, how much of it you eat. It is usually the sugars that make you put on weight, and not the cocoa. The health benefits of chocolate are found in cocoa, which is bitter, and most children refuse to eat it. To make it more palatable, fat and sugar are added which increases the calories and decreases the health benefits.

Childhood obesity is a serious concern in the recent years. Dark chocolate can be part of a healthy diet for your child if you allow them to consume it in small portions. Pick dark chocolate with at least 65 percent cocoa for a healthier choice but the key point to remember is to consume it in moderation. In any case, the excess of anything is bad.

Given a chance, chocolate can be incorporated into some really nutritious dishes that can be made for kids who seem to have an aversion to food the moment their mothers say ‘healthy’.

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