Diabetes Diet: Bajre Ki Khichdi Benefits And Recipe To Regulate Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a condition where the levels of blood sugar in the body are persistently high for either of two reasons – the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body is not able to process the insulin effectively. These are known as Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, respectively. Some common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue etc. Diabetics need to be very careful about what they eat to as to avoid any sudden spikes in levels of blood sugar. This is why diabetics are advised to shun processed and junk foods and instead include more foods and drinks that may regulate release of glucose or sugar in the blood and whole grains are one such category of foods that are considered healthy for diabetics.

Whole grains are rich in fibre and beneficial micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals and hence are ideal for a diabetes diet. A number of whole grains are already used abundantly in Indian kitchens and a popular whole grain that Indians have always used is bajra, which belongs to the family of millets. Technically speaking, millets are grass, but they have been consumed as food grains in certain parts of the world and have come to be known as such in culinary cultures. In India, bajra has been a prized part of regional cuisines since pre-historic times, on account of being energising nutritional powerhouse.

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